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A superintendent discusses his switch to John Deere Golf

Submitted on 04/13/16 by Owen Coulson

"They are Dedicated to My Course, My Equipment, My Team.”

Tradition is rooted deep in Alabama, the “Heart of Dixie” state, so when Owen Coulson, Vestavia Country Club superintendent, sought new turf management equipment, breaking tradition required thorough research. “I was apprehensive about changing equipment,” said Coulson, who has been a superintendent with Vestavia for 11 years. “For me to make a change, I needed to find a significant differentiating factor.”

Like all decisions to invest in new equipment, many variables are in play including trust, durability, price and customer service. For Coulson, the dealer relationship and price were the primary factors as he approached his decision. Coulson began contacting his peers for referrals to an equipment dealer that was committed to post-purchase service.

During his research, Coulson kept hearing positive comments about Greenville Turf and Tractor – a full line John Deere dealer with multiple locations in the southeast. “Greenville’s name kept coming up. The more I heard the more I became comfortable about making a switch to John Deere, knowing that the product was great and I had a dealer that would be able to provide the service I expect.”

Greenville Turf and Tractor’s name kept coming up and the more I heard the more I became comfortable about making a switch to John Deere…

Price was the other obvious factor for Coulson. “The pricing was where I needed it to be, considering the additional rebate I received through our VGM Club membership. The quotes were similar as far as price was concerned, and then you throw in the rebate check from VGM and that was a big deciding factor – it tipped the scales and made it easier to differentiate John Deere from the others.”

Post-purchase service proved to be another driving force for Coulson to renew his lease through Greenville Turf and Tractor. “The relationship has been great. They make themselves available.” As Coulson pointed towards the window of his office he continued. “Prime example: their mobile mechanic is under our Gator working with my team on installing a sprayer right now. They are dedicated to my course, my equipment and my team. That level of service puts me at ease.”

They say that Birmingham was born out of iron and steel. With thorough product and service research, Vestavia Country Club has rooted its future in green iron.