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Proudly providing turf equipment repairs and service throughout the southeast United States.

                                                                                                     On-site services include:




                                                                                           Preventive maintenance upon request

                                                                                                  Hydraulic & electronic testing
                                                                                                       On-site warranty repair
                                                                                                Unit down priority scheduling
                                                                                                            Fleet evaluations
                                                                                                   Suggested parts inventory
                                                                                             Technician and operator training
                                                                                      Resolution of quality & height of cut issues
                                                                                                  Performance troubleshooting
                                                                                                     Find & repair fluid leaks

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                                                                                                      Commercial Equipment  


Sometimes our customers don't have the resources to perform repairs or conduct scheduled maintenance as often as they should. Greenville Turf and Tractor can maintain your equipment to operate at peak performance with no downtime. We will maintain and repair your equipment, documenting all maintenance records. Our service offerings also include onsite equipment and technician training. We will train your staff how to safely operate machinery and maintain your equipment.

                                                                                                       Preventive Maintenance

Optimize the appearance of your sports fields and fairways. We will maintain your equipment on schedule to ensure productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

                                                                                                       Equipment Fleet Service

Factory certified technicians are at your service when seasonal requirements call for on site fleet assistance. Keep your technicians on track and payroll in check.

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Mobile Service Team

Jimmy Hammet

Position: Mobile Technician

Area: Sea Island, SC

(912) 270-2438

Ernie Lilienthal

Position: Mobile Technician

Area: Beaufort, SC to Savannah, GA

(843) 996-6300

Darren Matthews

Position: Mobile Technician

Area: South Georgia

(912) 321-7292

Kevin Creel

Position: Mobile Technician

Area: North Atlanta

(864) 412-6828

Seth Tice

Position: Mobile Technician

Area: Atlanta & Chatanooga, TN

(864) 419-2158

Scott Stroup

Position: Mobile Technician

Area: Gaffney, SC & Charlotte, NC

(864) 414-0083

Derrick Joyce

Position: Mobile Technician

Area: East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia & West North Carolina

(864) 419-9031

Adam Guth

Position: Mobile Technician

Area: Mississippi & Arkansas

(864) 419-4873

David Phillips

Position: Mobile Technician

Area: Mid & West Tennessee

(864) 419-2184

Bill Raisch

Area: South Carolina

(864) 361-4178

Dustin Bunn

Position: Mobile Technician

Area: Alabama

(864) 344-5510

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Service Specials

  BUY $10,000 or MORE in Used Equipment and Get a $500 service or parts CREDIT!!!!!!! 

    BUY $15,000 OR MORE in Used Equipment and Get a $750 service or parts CREDIT!!!!!!! 

     BUY $20,000 or MORE in Used Equipment and Get a $1,000 service or parts CREDIT!!!!!!! 


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